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Welcome at the Herbarium

The Herbarium in Saint Valery sur Somme

Behind an old wooden door, through which onlookers sometimes peep, imagine a piece of heaven where you feel nostalgic for the gardens of yesteryear, full of scents that trigger memories.

This fenced-in garden on the medieval battlements of the old town, enclosed within old walls made of flints and pebbles, reminds you of High Medieval ‘hortus conclusus’ with a seemingly untidy multitude of plants.

Poetry, say the visitors, is present at every step.
The Herbarium keeps the charm and spirit of grandmothers’ gardens, or in this case nuns,’ gardens, where nature evolves freely but where the gardeners’ work is immense and without ostentation.

This garden, which is more botanical than ornamental, is of interest to both the curious observer as well as the connoisseur.
In this modest location of St. Valery sur Somme, more than a thousand labeled plants coexist in a modest space of about 1700 square metres.

Dear visitors, this beneficial, genuine, original and unrestrained garden, unlike any other, will undoubtedly leave you feeling serene.

 AJJHvieilles maisons françaises 2003